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I can't imagine anyone not being very happy with it - especially as a comprehensive introduction. Complete Reviews

B. Buttimore
Senior Software Engineer

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Introduction to Ajax

This audiobook provides an excellent introduction to Ajax. In the first half, we describe how Ajax works, note the history of Ajax and its underlying technologies, the advantages and disadvantages of using Ajax, and describe two popular examples from Google.

In the second half we describe how to develop with Ajax, covering IDEs, debuggers, frameworks and JsUnit.

If you want to learn about Ajax and are pressed for time, this is the audiobook for you. This is the best audiobook in our series.

Released 2006. Sample. Contents. $0* USD.

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J2EE Patterns Volume 1 - The Presentation Tier

This audiobook covers the Presentation Tier J2EE Patterns. Listening to this audiobook will help you learn, for each pattern, the pattern's name, its basic structure and behaviour, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Released 2005. Sample. Contents. $0* USD.

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Java Programming - Core Syntax

This audiobook covers the basic syntax of the Java programming language and is an excellent resource if you are trying to remember the details.

Released 2003. Sample. Contents. $0* USD.

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Complete Reviews

It was very interesting to listen to - I looked forward to reviewing each track. It was quite an eye opener. I didn't even know about JsUnit. Amazing there are all those frameworks for Ajax - Taconite sounds interesting - and the book Foundations of Ajax. I thought the tracks were very clear and easy to understand as you covered all the basics. And it was great you had all that reference information to follow-up. You must have done a lot of research looking at all the various aspects of Ajax - advantages and disadvantages, etc. It certainly is a valuable resource. I plan to listen to it again - on my computer instead of the iPod - and make lots of notes.

At this stage it is really hard to offer constructive suggestions. It is clear, well layed out, a lot of great information. I can't imagine anyone not being very happy with it - especially as a comprehensive introduction. On the iPod I did notice one thing - the tracks play one after the other seamlessly and you are not aware you are on a new track sometimes - though usually you have some clue like "Quiz 2" or whatever. For the future - maybe a three to five second piece of silent play at the end of each track would help this - or have a "Track 5 - Advantages and Disadvantages" at the beginning. There is a slight difference in volume sometimes going to a new track and that is another way you can tell!

A great effort - well done!

B. Buttimore
Senior Software Engineer